Bequal Certification, PLUS category

The Certification Committee of the Bequal Foundation has awarded Technology and Security Developments (TSD) the Bequal certification, PLUS category, in recognition of the inclusion policies of people with disabilities.

The Bequal certificate verifies not only the legal compliance of companies, as the legal reserve of employment of 2% for companies with more than 50 workers, but also the integration of inclusive policies with disability in the different areas of the company, policies and procedures that facilitate the incorporation to this areas of disabled people.

The Bequal Foundation, which manages the granting of the certification with the same name, it´s a systematized model of certifiable indicators that gathers all the assets and experience of its founding entities: the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), the ONCE Foundation, FEACEM and the Seeliger and Conde Foundation.

The Bequal certificate is a third-party evaluation formula which determines the degree of commitment in matters of Corporate Responsibility with Disability in essential areas such as strategy and leadership, senior management commitment to people with disabilities, management of Human resources, compliance with regulations and inclusive policies and equal opportunities in all procedures for selection, access to employment, professional promotion and training.

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