Foundation “Incorpora”

Last Tuesday June 27th, the students participating in the Formative Framework of the Foundation “Incorpora” receive their Diplomas. This formative framework belongs to the SOCIAL WORK “LA CAIXA”.

This action is included within the STRATEGIC TRAINING PLAN that TSD INTERNATIONAL Group is carrying out, in this case, as a Collaborating Organization.

In this program, the students have carried out training practices in “BASIC OPERATIONS OF WAREHOUSE” and as a result, TSD INTERNATIONAL will create 4 direct jobs among the personnel who have received such training.

The event was celebrated in the Hall of Acts of the HOUSE OF CULTURE belonging to council of the City of Herencia (Ciudad Real) with the attendance of representatives of the following Institutions:

  • Councilor Culture of the Town Hall of Herencia
  •  Councilor Social Welfare of the City of Heritage.
  •  Honorable Mayor of Herencia
  •  Coordination Program “Incorpora” CLM
  • Coordination of the Atenea Foundation and Cepaim Foundation.
  • Technical staff of Foundation “Incorpora” and of other different entities that make up the network of centers (FSCLM, LABORVALIA, COCEMFE, MPDL, ATENEA, CEPAIM)
  • Technicians of the CPRL Alcázar de S. Juan
  •  Penitentiary Subdirection for the Center Alcázar de S. Juan
  •  Responsible for HR and training of TSD INTERNATIONAL
  • Responsible of Intermagister Criptana


TSD INTERNATIONAL, remains faithful to its social engagement to make a firm commitment to the formation of groups with different capacities and / or at risk of social exclusion.

As a result, the Organization has signed various collaboration agreements with institutions such as INCORPORA FOUNDATION, belonging to the SOCIAL WORK LA CAIXA, ONCE FOUNDATION or MAPFRE FOUNDATION, where it recently received the special mention as SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY.

TSD INTERNATIONAL’s Strategic Training Plan goes much further than just collaborating with Labor Insertion Organizations, but also it has designed, implemented and put in practice its own VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER FOR EMPLOYMENT in the town of Herencia, which is a real milestone based on a new vision in the Integral Management of Human Capital in the business organizations of the S. XXI.

The Training Center of TSD INTERNATIONAL will be able to offer a TRAINING PLAN adapted to the needs not only of the own Organization, but also to the needs of the companies of the sector in the region, generating in essence a true SOCIAL SERVICE to the community where the Organization sink its roots.


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