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A team from TVE has travelled to the facilities of Technology & Security Developments to get to know at first hand the restoration works of the centenary carriages of Metro de Madrid

It is always a reason for satisfaction that television cameras come to our facilities to film a graphic report about our work, but even more so if it is a project as special as the works of restoration of the centenary carriages of Metro de Madrid.

To celebrate its centenary, Metro de Madrid has organized a year of events and activities, including an exhibition in the Chamartin’s Station of the firsts carriages which it circulated on the subways of the Capital in 1919.

During his visit, TVE was able to see, first hand, the meticulous restoration process that has been carried out on these vehicles since they arrived at the facilities. These are two 1943 subway carriages that have had their sheet metal and paint removed in order to apply a new layer uniformly and to improve their external appearance. Inside, work has been carried out focused on the recovery of the soil since, in those years, it was an asphalt solution.

In TSD we are very conscious of our responsibility taken in this restoration and we understand, also, that such filming endorses our good work with this work. Below is a direct link to the TVE report on the restoration of the centenary wagons.

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