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Safes and special fireproof cabinets for the protection of documents, vaults, cash dispensers and powder rooms as well as the new FS (Flooding System). As well as the new special FS (Flooding System) for the protection of valuables and valuable goods.


We have an extensive range of products to protect valuables, important documents, electronic files and all types of articles and valuables that are considered to be of interest to both companies and individuals.
These products are developed in different materials and with various types of enclosures and security systems to keep valuables safe from theft, robbery or other unwanted contingencies. This product line includes safes, banking products, fireproof cabinets, gun and ammunition cabinets, anti-theft cabinets and key cabinets.


Thanks to the technology, innovation and development of TSD Technology & Security Developments, companies can now reduce attacks on their cash-in-transit vehicles. This innovation involves the installation of a polyurethane dispensing unit, which is essentially a generator device that within seconds dispenses solidifying polyurethane foam that covers the entire cargo area of the vehicle when attacked, making cash theft impossible.
The main purpose is to protect the goods transported in the cargo area of the vehicle in the event of a robbery. It can be activated by different methods, depending on the customer's needs and risk exposure.


System developed and created by the R&D team of TSD Technology & Security Developments for the management of fleets of vehicles allowing to have several data on the movement and status of vehicles and even control over certain aspects of security of the same; including alarms of unauthorised activities, perimeter alarms and even fleet management.
With access through the web application, various parameters and pre-programmed events can be downloaded.
It is a tool that has been developed to provide easy to use and manage solutions that can be applied to different areas such as State Security Forces, Vehicle Security Applications (goods, vehicles or personal location, Medical Emergencies, Transport and Distribution, Service Companies among others.