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TSD Technology and Security Developments provides solutions to the armies of different countries for the transport of troops and goods.
Bodies of different sizes and characteristics are designed and manufactured with the highest quality steels. With very advanced painting processes, including anti-corrosion treatments, and with tarpaulins adapted to each climate and need.
Mounted on tactical and logistic chassis, the bodies work in the toughest conditions, facilitating the client’s work wherever it is needed.


TSD is a leader in the sector of transformations for the different State security forces. With customised designs according to the specific needs of our customers: Vans for police cars, vans for special forces, anti-riot vehicles and transport of detainees.


En TSD designs these vehicles to quickly deal with an emergency, offering solutions of different levels, fire pumps, coordination, personnel transport and transport of materials.
The vehicles have a design and accessories that allow rapid communication and a quick response.
TSD transforms any make of vehicle.


The ideal solution for cash businesses in transit companies adapting configurations on any base chassis model: light, medium and heavy transport vehicles; and intercity or intracity services with a load capacity of up to 8 tonnes.
The divisions and number of zones are defined according to the customer’s needs.


TSD’s technology allows you to armour any type of vehicle with a very discreet result.
The armouring is carried out with different levels of resistance according to European classification standards (EN1063-1522/23) while maintaining the vehicle’s usual performance.